Meeting and Project Facilitation


Balancing a targeted focus on outcomes with a keen sense of the room, Jami Yazdani has managed complex projects and facilitated meetings and planning sessions for a variety of groups and organizations.

Meeting Facilitation

FACE-TO-FACE Facilitation

Half-day, full-day and multi-day facilitation to launch a new project or initiative, develop a strategic plan, or build your team.  Starting at $500

Online Facilitation

Meeting facilitation via video call. Ideal for supporting project management or as a follow-up to face-to-face training or facilitation sessions.  Starting at $150

Example Meetings


  • Mission and visioning

  • Developing project plans

  • Improving Processes

  • Team-building based on individual strengths

Project Facilitation

Example Projects

  • Technology Implementations

  • Assessment Projects

  • Process Improvements

  • Grant Support

  • Digitization and Records Management

ProjeCT Support

Support in developing and managing project scopes, timelines and budgets. Starting at $500

Project Management

Management of projects from proposal, scope, timeline and budget development to successful and timely delivery of project outcomes. Starting at $2000

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