Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions via phone or video call.  Confidential counsel and practical advice to help you solve management problems.  $100/hour

Achieve Package

3 scheduled hourly sessions via phone or video call over a few weeks or months.  Focus on conquering a particular challenge or achieving a specific goal.  $200

Management Package

6 scheduled hourly sessions via phone or video call over 6 or 12 months, plus 1 Quick Help session.  Ideal for new managers.  $500

C-Suite Package

Scheduled hourly sessions in-person and/or via phone or video call over 3, 6 or 12 months.  Goal setting and leadership skill development.  Starting at $600

Quick Help

30 minute one-on-one sessions for existing clients via phone or video call.   Support and advice when you most need it!  $50



Face to Face

Active sessions designed specifically for your small or large group.   Starting at $300


Engaging sessions streamed live to your desktop or conference room.  Starting at $250

Example Topics

  • Department Budgets (Sample Training Agenda)

  • Managing Grant Budgets

  • Performance Management

  • Assessment 101

  • Project Management 101

  • Easy Strategic Planning




Face to Face

Half-day, full-day and multi-day facilitation to launch a new project or initiative, develop a strategic plan, or build your team.  Starting at $500

Example meetings


  • Mission and visioning

  • Developing project plans

  • Improving Processes

  • Team-building based on individual strengths